Where does the audio walk begin and end?

The walk begins and ends on Northmoor Road in Longsight. The starting point is outside Red Chilli Grill, on the corner of Northmoor Road and Elgar Street, and it ends inside Red Chilli Grill where you’ll be given a warming cup of chai. View on Google Maps here

How do I get to Northmoor Road?

The starting point of the walk on Northmoor Road is just 2 miles from Manchester City Centre. It’s easily accessible by public transport, bike, or car/taxi.

Bus routes in the local area: 150 / 191 / 192 / 197 / 742 / 749

Train stations: Ryder Brow / Belle Vue / Levenshulme

If you’re coming by car, there is free on-street parking available on Northmoor Road and on the side streets nearby.

What’s the route? How will I know where to go?

The people of is accessed via a bespoke mobile website that will guide you along the route. A map accompanies each track, showing you where to go. You can also view a copy of the full map via the Route map link in the menu, or pick up a printed map from the information point at 89 Northmoor Road, which is open 12 noon to 5pm until 20th Feburary 2022 (closed Mondays & Fridays). 

When can I do the audio walk?

The people of will be available from 5 Feb 2022. It is a self-guided walk and can be done at any time, but we recommend setting off between the hours of 12 noon and 4pm – while it’s light and the shops are open. There is an information point at 89 Northmoor Road which will be operational until 20th February 2022, but the walk will still be accessible after this date.

How long is the walk? Will there be a chance to sit down?

The audio walk takes approximately 60 minutes, and the route is just under a mile long. There are opportunities to sit down along the way (for example, benches in the park), and you are welcome to pause for a rest at any time you wish. 

Is the route suitable for wheelchair or mobility scooter users?

The route takes you along main roads and side streets in Longsight. Much of the route is accessible, but wheelchair and mobility scooter users may face challenges common to any suburban residential streets. The route takes you through Crowcroft Park, which has a kiss-gate entrance and ends in Red Chilli Grill, which has a small step up to enter. If you have any specific questions regarding access, please do get in touch via info@qtine.com. 

Is there a toilet on the route?

Toilet facilities, including an accessible toilet, are available during the information point opening hours (12-5pm, every day except Mondays & Fridays until 20th February). To access these please ask at the information point at 89 Northmoor Road. Outside of these hours, there are no public toilets on the route.

Is this event COVID safe?

The walk takes place outdoors and we encourage you to maintain social distancing from other audience members and members of the public outside of your party.

There will be the option to enter some of the shops and businesses along the route, and we ask that you respect their rules on face masks, hand cleaning and capacity.

Hand sanitiser will be available at the information point at 89 Northmoor Road until 20 Feb, 12-5pm (closed Mondays & Fridays).

Do I need a ticket?

No, you don’t need a ticket. The walk is free to access for anyone. Booking is only required if you would like to borrow a smartphone and/or headphones. You can do this for free via Eventbrite.

What kind of phone do I need to stream the walk? Will it cost me anything? 

The people of website will stream on both iPhones and Android phones. Streaming the entire walk will use up to 190 mb of data. Around the amount you would use if you browsed Facebook for 1 hour. Data charges may apply depending on the terms of your phone contract. If you would like to borrow a smartphone and/or headphones, you can do this for free via Eventbrite.

What if my phone can’t run the website or I don’t have enough data?

No problem. We have smartphones and headphones available to borrow for free. 

These are available from the information point at 89 Northmoor Road from 12pm to 5pm every day (except Mondays & Fridays) until Sunday 20 February 2022. Last collection time to borrow a device is 4pm. 

To ensure a device is available at the time you want to borrow it, please book a free ticket via Eventbrite. Please note, we will ask you to complete a loan form so we can keep track of our devices and make sure they are returned safely.

What languages is the audio walk in?

The audio walk features both spoken English and Urdu. Written translations in these languages are available with each track. 

Urdu-language support is available on Thursdays and Saturdays at the information point at 89 Northmoor Road from 12-5pm until 20th February 2022. 

Help! I’m having trouble accessing the audio walk

If you need any help accessing the website or playing the audio walk, someone will be available to assist you at the information point every day between the hours of 12pm and 5pm from Saturday 5 February – Sunday 20 September 2022 (closed Mondays & Fridays). 

Alternatively, you can contact Quarantine via email on info@qtine.com or via our FacebookTwitter or Instagram accounts.